JVC DR-MX1S DVD Player/Recorder, Hi-Fi VCR, and Hard Disk Recorder

The JVC DR-MX1S is a versatile, all-in-one video recorder for people who work with a variety of recording formats. Equipped with a DVD burner, hi-fi VCR, and 80 GB hard drive, the unit lets users record content to any of the three types, or dub from existing DVDs, videocassettes, or digital files to other formats. The technology is a must for digital video enthusiasts and anyone else who shares video files, as the multiple options meet virtually every recording need. The device also handles playback duties, using its onboard video processor to enhance images for improved resolution.
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The versatility of the DR-MX1S extends to other areas, inviting people to choose between DVD-R and DVD-RW discs for recording, or between analog and iLink FireWire inputs for connecting to a DV camcorder, external VCR, computer, or other device. The recorder also offers 24x dubbing for quick copying, along with space for up to 36 hours of TV programming. Additional features include intelligent dual-path encoding, a Super MPEG pre- and postprocessor, an advanced DVD library database, and animated thumbnails. Busy users will appreciate the live memory feature, which lets them play and record footage at the same time.

Product Description:
JVC DR-MX1S Hard Drive / DVD / VHS Recorder Player Live Memory (HDD) and Live Memory Dubbing (HDD to DVD) Simultaneous Recording and Playback (HDD) High Speed Dubbing (Max. 24x) (HDD-->DVD) Playlist-based Editing (HDD-->DVD) Has iLINK Connection (DV Input) for HDD RetroActive and Relief Recording (HDD) Bit Rate Optimizer for the best dubbing quality from HDD to DVD Animated Thumbnail with Audio on HDD/DVD Navigation (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW (VR Format)) Super MPEG Post-Processor - Block Noise Reduction Circuit, Color DigiPure and Hadamard Noise Reduction System VCR Plus+, Record Link (HDD), On-screen Calendar Programming JVC Multi-Brand TV/DVD/DBS Compatible Remote Control High-bit/high-sampling (10-bit/54MHz video D/A converter) 192kHz/24 bit Audio D/A Converter Front AV Inputs Resume Function (30-Disc/bookmark) Optical PCM Digital Audio Output 1-Month/ 8 Event Programmable Timer Auto Clock Set and Active Channel Memory JVC USA 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor Warranty Unit Size

Test Report

Learn what happened to me...and beware! / Report September 26, 2005
I had read the reviews here on Amazon, and then went to the JVC web site. JVC claimed that only "a few" of these decks had the "LOADING" malfunction, and that repairs were "simple." I decided that, since JVC is (was?) a reputable company, they must have had some problems with the early run of these decks, and that I could trust them to have caught and repaired the malfunction on their later decks.

The first deck I bought failed within 15 days, so I could exchange it. This entailed a lot of hassle with UPS deliveries, and I've never been reimbursed for my cost of returning the defective deck.

The second deck took a month to malfunction. So I had to send it to JVC repair services to correct the problem. More UPS, more hassles. The deck was returned after almost a month. The second DVD I played in it caused the malfunction again.

By this time I was within a week of JVC's measly 90-day warranty (for labor-parts are usually a negligible part of the bill). So I gave up. Now I have a sometimes-functioning machine that I really resent. $600 for this??!!?

You'll want a bigger hard drive (80Gb = only 16 hours recording time at DVD speed) and probably should wait until the second generation of these machines makes its appearance. Would I buy from JVC? Hah.

Great product, but has issues. / Bericht September 6, 2005
I love this product. It does everything that I need it to do. However, when I went to finalize my the first DVD-R that I had recorded, the machine froze up. The display went blank, HDD and DVD-R parts of the component stopped working. VCR kinda worked but sound was terrible. I had it exchanged and its replacement has been working flawlessly.

It has great functionality. I use it to copy VHS tapes I have of old movies I taped off of TCM and sports events I want to save. I copy the tapes to the hard drive, create a play list that consists of the show minus the commercials, then copy the playlist to the DVD-R. I also use the HDD instead of VHS tapes to record shows from now on. The manual is a little harder to understand than it needs to be, but the menus are easy to use and easy to remember.

This unit does everything! / Report May 21, 2005
If you're looking for a unit that does it all, this is it. I wanted a dvr, and something that I could use to burn my old VHS tapes onto discs with. I have had this unit for approximately 7 months and have been very happy with it. Unlike TiVo, no phone line is required for digital recordings. Yes, there's no TV guide function, but that's really not important. Some customers have said the manual is confusing, but I don't agree. Yes, it does take some time to master all of the functions of this unit, but the rewards are well worth it. It has been all I expected and more. Grab this now that the price is lower!

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